Eva Söderström

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The increasing interest in process engineering and application integration has resulted in the appearance of various new process modelling languages. Understanding and comparing such languages has therefore become a major problem in information systems research and development. We suggest a framework to solve this problem involving several instruments: a(More)
A Web Service (WS) can be described as an XML-based interface that can be used by a client application to invoke a computing service distributed in a network via standard Internet protocols. In order for Web Services to become a ubiquitous technique for program to program communication, however, there need to be a solid framework in placefor how Web(More)
In the area of standardisation for inter-organisational business processes, terminology confusion is slowly emerging. The meaning of the concept "standard" is not as clear as many people and organisations seem to assume. This paper looks into the various definitions of a standard and four similarly used concepts: specification, recommendation, framework and(More)
The competitive business world has changed considerably thanks to the globalisation of the market. Business contacts are being established all over the world, without regard for the previous limitations of space or time. However, global business faces great inter-operability challenges, e.g. how to enable collaborating businesses to communicate and exchange(More)
Accessibility to the right patient information at the right time is a necessity in order to provide the best possible care for a patient. This is a complex undertaking, in particular since healthcare more and more is characterized by diversity, distributed care givers, and extended use of IT. Patient information is sensitive, and must be handled correctly(More)