Eva Rittweger

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The basic organisation of the endomembrane system is conserved in all eukaryotes and comparative genome analyses provides compelling evidence that the endomembrane system of the last common eukaryotic ancestor (LCEA) is complex with many genes required for regulated traffic being present. Although apicomplexan parasites, causative agents of severe human and(More)
We report on the development of arrays of Transition-Edge Sensor (TES) bolometers. We describe several architectures including planar-antenna-coupled, horn-coupled, and absorber-coupled devices. Antenna coupling can greatly simplify the fabrication of multi-frequency bolometer arrays compared to techniques in common use. Planar antennas are intrinsically(More)
We show that far-field fluorescence nanoscopy by stimulated emission depletion (STED) can be realized with compact off-the-shelf laser diodes, such as those used in laser pointers and DVDs. A spatial resolution of 40-50 nm is attained by pulsing a 660 nm DVD-diode. The efficacy of these low-cost STED microscopes in biological imaging is demonstrated by(More)
We report on a method to reduce the number of state transition cycles that a molecule undergoes in far-field optical nanoscopy of the RESOLFT type, i.e. concepts relying on saturable (fluorescence) state transitions induced by a spatially modulated light pattern. The method is exemplified for stimulated emission depletion (STED) microscopy which uses(More)
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