Eva Richardson Sansome

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Meiosis in Nigerian collections of Ceratiomyxa fruticulosa appears to be essentially normal, although good preparations of early stages were not obtained. All the collections examined (4 of round or oval-spored type, 2 of longspored type and 2 with mixed spores) had n=8. In two collections of the mixed-type and one of the round-spored type an association of(More)
An investigation has been made of selffertile (homothallic) progeny which are frequently encountered in matings of heterothallic Phytophthora species. The pattern of segregation of self-sterility from these homothallic isolates during vegetative growth, asexual and sexual reproduction has been studied in some detail. Heterokaryosis was shown not be the(More)
The fourteen chromosomes of normal races ofPisum sativum form seven pairs at meiosis. All points of association between chromosomes are shown to be chiasmata by the following considerations: (1) Direct observation of exchange of partners amongst the chromatids. (2) Alternate loops between points of contact are at right angles. (3) The frequency and(More)