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Behavioral thermoregulation in a gregarious lemur, Eulemur collaris: effects of climatic and dietary-related factors.
Primates deal with fluctuations of the thermal environment by both physiological and behavioral mechanisms of thermoregulation. In this article we focus on non-hibernating lemurs, which areExpand
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Owners as a secure base for their dogs
A modified version of the Ainsworth Strange Situation Test was used to analyse 40 dog–owner pairs in order to assess whether owners can represent a secure base for their dogs. The Wilcoxon testExpand
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Effects of different human approaches on dog’s behavior: preliminary results
The study of dogs’ responses to an approaching human plays an important role for the development of human-dog relationship. The aim of the research was to develop a protocol for behavioral test inExpand
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Do owners represent a secure base for their dogs
Investigations of the dog-human bond using modified versions of the Ainsworth Strange Situation Test show some similarities in findings. However, methodological differences mean it cannot beExpand
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How owners take care of their dogs during car transportation in Italy
The study aimed at assessing owners’ behavior regarding dog transportation by car and how it may affect dogs’ response to the journey. 907 dog owners filled in a multiple-choice item questionnaire.Expand