Eva Rauls

Florian Klappenberger2
Stefan Müllegger2
Wolfgang Schöfberger2
Johannes V. Barth2
2Florian Klappenberger
2Stefan Müllegger
2Wolfgang Schöfberger
2Johannes V. Barth
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  • Stefan Müllegger, Wolfgang Schöfberger, Mohammad Rashidi, Thomas Lengauer, Florian Klappenberger, Katharina Diller +5 others
  • 2011
Supporting functional molecules on crystal facets is an established technique in nanotechnology. To preserve the original activity of ionic metallorganic agents on a supporting template, conservation of the charge and oxidation state of the active center is indispensable. We present a model system of a metallorganic agent that, indeed, fulfills this design(More)
Oxygen reduction and water oxidation are two key processes in fuel cell applications. The oxidation of water to dioxygen is a 4 H(+)/4 e(-) process, while oxygen can be fully reduced to water by a 4 e(-)/4 H(+) process or partially reduced by fewer electrons to reactive oxygen species such as H2O2 and O2(-). We demonstrate that a novel manganese corrole(More)
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