Eva R. M. Joosten

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Single neurons in auditory cortex display highly selective spectrotemporal properties: their receptive fields modulate over small fractions of an octave and integrate across temporal windows of 100–200 ms. We investigated how these characteristics impact auditory behavior. Human observers were asked to detect a specific sound frequency masked by broadband(More)
Human sensory processing is inherently noisy: if a participant is presented with the same set of stimuli multiple times and is asked to perform a task related to some property of the stimulus by pressing one of two buttons, the set of responses generated by the participant will differ on different presentations even though the set of stimuli remained the(More)
Sound waveforms convey information largely via amplitude modulations (AM). A large body of experimental evidence has provided support for a modulation (bandpass) filterbank. Details of this model have varied over time partly reflecting different experimental conditions and diverse datasets from distinct task strategies, contributing uncertainty to the(More)
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