Eva Ponce-Cueto

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In this paper, a strategic supply management reference model for supplier integration in the supply chain is presented. The model developed is based on the comparative case study of two relevant industries automotive and aircraft and may be suitable for other industries. The survey and the subsequent analysis of these industries have confirmed the strategic(More)
The main aim of this paper is to propose a multi-waste mix integer lineal programming model for locating sorting facilities in a three-level (local, regional, and central) reverse logistic network. The objective of the model is to decide the location of the storage and sorting facilities across the network. The model was applied in end of life battery(More)
Directive 2008/98/EC released by the European Union represents a significant step forward in all relevant aspects of waste management. Under the already established, extended produced responsibility (EPR) principle, new policies have been enunciated to continuously achieve better overall environmental performance of key products throughout their life(More)
In this paper a conceptual model for the management of closed-loop supply chains of reusable articles is put forward. This framework condenses the more relevant managerial issues arising when reuse is carried out in industrial practice. The model intends to be a guideline for practitioners dealing with this type of challenges and constitutes a first step(More)
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