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Oncogenic osteomalacia is an uncommon syndrome characterized by mineral metabolism abnormalities that disappear after the resection of an associated tumour. Head and neck is the second most frequent location of these tumours. We describe a case with an ethmoido-frontal phosphaturic mesenchymal tumour and review oncogenic osteomalacia-associated tumours.(More)
An analysis of multimode waveguides where several modes are coupled via quasiperiodic perturbations is presented. The supermodes (or eigenmodes) of the structure are derived and orthonormality considerations are discussed. In addition, a new type of mode converter between copropagating modes is proposed, where mode conversion is mediated by a(More)
INTRODUCTION Temporal lobe epilepsy surgery represents the majority of surgical interventions in patients with refractory epilepsy. In consequence, knowledge of prognostic factors in this type of epilepsy surgery is of major importance. The objective of this study is to study series of prognostic factors in a group of patients who underwent temporal lobe(More)
Measurements of small-signal intensity modulation from direct-modulated distributed feedback (DFB) semiconductor lasers after propagation in dispersive fiber have previously been used to extract intrinsic laser chirp parameters such as linewidth enhancement factor and crossover frequency. Here, we demonstrate that the simple rate equations do not(More)
Here we demonstrate theoretically that stimulated Brillouin scattering (SBS) can induce a phase shift of the optical carrier relative to its sidebands due to the waveguiding effect of the optical fiber on the acoustic wave. This causes conversion of frequency modulation to intensity modulation, which results in an increase in the relative intensity noise(More)
We have derived an exact large-signal theory of propagation in a dispersive fiber of an optical wave with sinusoidal amplitude and frequency modulation. This has been applied to the study of large-signal direct-modulation of semiconductor lasers. It is shown that the large-signal response can significantly deviate from the predictions of the small-signal(More)
Measurements of relative intensity noise and modulation response, before and after propagation in optical fiber, of the output field of multiquantum-well distributed-feedback (MQW-DFB) lasers are used to determine the influence of the intraband damping mechanisms, the DFB structure and the carrier transport and carrier capture into the QW’s on the laser(More)
Bandwidth-limited filtering has been proven to overcome certain limitations in soliton transmission systems. We propose super-Gaussian filters instead of Butterworth filter response obtained with conventionally used Fabry-Perot étalons as a method to improve soliton stability and reduce dispersion degradation and theoretically demonstrate their practical(More)