Eva Pending Wiberg

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Steryl esters and triacylglycerol (TAG) are the main storage lipids in eukaryotic cells. In the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae, these storage lipids accumulate during stationary growth phase within organelles known as lipid bodies. We have used single and multiple gene disruptions to study storage lipid synthesis in yeast. Four genes, ARE1, ARE2, DGA1, and(More)
A time-course study of lipid accumulation in microspore-derived embryos and developing zygotic embryos of rapeseed (Brassica napus L. ssp.oleifera) is presented. Rapid storage fat (triacylglycerol) biosynthesis was induced in microspore-derived embryos of oilseed rape (cv ‘Topas’) when the embryos were transferred from standing cultures (10 ml) to fresh(More)
The fatty acid composition and content of membrane and storage lipids of two transgenic laurate-producing rape (Brassica napus L.) lines were monitored during seed development. The two lines, the medium-laurate (ML) line and the high-laurate (HL) line, accumulated 34 mol% and 55 mol% of laurate in their seed triacylglycerols, respectively. The(More)
The composition and positional distribution of lipids in developing and mature transgenic Brassica napus seeds accumulating up to 7 mol% of caprylate (8:0), 29 mol% caprate (10:0) or 63 mol% of laurate (12:0) were examined. The accumulation of 8:0 and 10:0 resulted from over-expression of the medium-chain-specific thioesterase (Ch FatB2) alone or together(More)
hb.ngt. Wfihrend zwischen Phenol bzw. Kresol und Dimethyl~ither stabile Wasserstoffbriieken ausgebildet werden, vermag Methanol mit seiner alkoholisehen Hydroxylgrnppe trod p-Nitrophenot mit seiner Hydroxylgruppe, die eine h/Shere Aeidit~it aufweist als die tier Phenole bzw. Kresote, keine definierte Beziehung zum Dimethyl~ither einzugehen. Danach dtirfte(More)
-This paper presents the results from a project conducted aimed at identifying different categories of customers with respect to their sensitivity towards supply interruptions. Industrial customers connected to the distribution grid were interviewed regarding their sensitivity towards interruptions and how the cost related to the duration of the(More)
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