Eva Ochodnická

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Ionizing radiation commonly used in the radiotherapy of brain tumours can cause adverse side effects to surrounding normal brain tissue. The most significant response of adult brain to radiation damage is induction of apoptosis. The adult mammalian subventricular zone (SVZ) of the brain lateral ventricles (LV) and their subsequent lateral ventricular(More)
The authors observed the dependence of morphometric indicators of myelinated nerve fibers on the age of experimental animals. They performed a morphometric analysis of myelinated nerve fibers, namely nervous peroneus communis in male adult white rats of 17, 21, 25 and 31 weeks of age. They discovered that the values of individual morphometric indicators of(More)
The authors studied Schmidt-Lantermann incisures in myelinated fibres of the guinea pig sciatic nerve. Incisures of different shapes were observed and described in longitudinal sections; some of them were simply shaped, but others had a very intricate form. It is assumed that the atypical, intricate forms are complete incisures which change course and(More)
The authors studied the shape, orientation and number of Schmidt-Lantermann incisures in the sciatic nerve of the healthy guinea pig. The nerves were removed, fixed, shredded and evaluated in the light microscope. Internode length, fibre diameter and segment length were measured in isolated nerve fibres with an eyepiece micrometer. The number and(More)
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