Eva N. Rodríguez-Cruz

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EFhd2 is a calcium binding protein, which is highly expressed in the central nervous system and associated with pathological forms of tau proteins in tauopathies. Previous phosphoproteomics studies and bioinformatics analysis suggest that EFhd2 may be phosphorylated. Here, we determine whether Cdk5, a hyperactivated kinase in tauopathies, phosphorylates(More)
EFhd2 is a conserved calcium-binding protein, abundant within the central nervous system. Previous studies identified EFhd2 associated with pathological forms of tau proteins in the tauopathy mouse model JNPL3, which expresses the human tau(P301L) mutant. This association was validated in human tauopathies, such as Alzheimer's disease (AD). However, the(More)
One third of inherited genetic diseases are caused by mRNAs harboring premature termination codons as a result of nonsense mutations. These aberrant mRNAs are degraded by the Nonsense-Mediated mRNA Decay (NMD) pathway. A central component of the NMD pathway is Upf1, an RNA-dependent ATPase and helicase. Upf1 is a known phosphorylated protein, but only(More)
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