Eva Néri Rubim Pedro

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This narrative-descriptive review is about the safety/protection of hospitalized children who, due to their fragility, vulnerability and peculiar growth and development conditions need special attention from health professionals. This study aimed to identify knowledge production on safety, protection and violence to hospitalized children between 1997 and(More)
This study addresses the use of digital learning materials in the format of hypertext, educational games and simulations about oxygen therapy with professors of an Undergraduate Nursing Course. It is a cross-sectional exploratory study that was carried out at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul in 2006 with 10 intentionally selected professors. Data(More)
This documental study has the qualitative approach of a case study. It analyzes how autonomy has been developed in nursing students process of knowledge construction, in a context mediated by the use of educational chat in Learning Management Systems (LMS). The analyzed materials were eight discussions promoted by students, professors, and monitors in the(More)
This case study with a qualitative approach presents an analysis of the perceptions of family caregivers/companions and health workers concerning adverse events in care contexts. A total of 15 companions and 23 health workers from pediatric hospitalization units of a university hospital in Porto Alegre, Brazil participated in this study from August to(More)
This paper describes a development project of digital learning objects in nursing, and the evaluation of their use by teachers and undergraduate nursing students. The strategies for their development were composed of the following stages: conceptual modeling, development of instructional materials, implementation in a virtual learning environment, and(More)
This is an exploratory study with a qualitative approach, which looks at the adolescent process with HIV/AIDS. The purpose is to identify how the adolescent process occurs, from the perspective of these teenagers and their family caregivers. The investigation was performed in Porto Alegre, RS between May and July 2005, and the subjects were four adolescents(More)
The article presents the trajectory of a research group upon the development of the project funded by the Health Ministry, through the National HIV/AIDS/DST Program, named "Impact of adhesion to the anti-retroviral among children and adolescents under the perspective of the family, the child and the adolescent in the municipalities of Porto Alegre andSanta(More)
In this article, the authors report an experience developed in the Specialized Care Sevice on STD/AIDS from Porto Alegre, where one of them works. It approaches adult women, emphasizing sexuality, reproduction and vulnerability concerning STDs, mainly HIV infection. The methodology used is a data survey starting from the return to the service in order to(More)
The possibility of having a companion is a constitutional right guaranteed to children, elderly and parturients. Independently of their stage in the life cycle, having a companion is a situation socially and culturally determined in Brazil. This is a qualitative, descriptive-exploratory and interventionist study that aims to describe and discuss the(More)
The education in health constitutes the role of the nurse in the different contexts of the work but in practice it has been observed that these actions not always are adequate. It is assumed that one of the causes is the scarce theoretical contribution of the teachers. The objective of this article is reflecting on how a graduation course of nursing has(More)