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One distinctive feature of any adaptive system is the user model that represents essential information about each user. This chapter complements other chapters of this book in reviewing user models and user modeling approaches applied in adaptive Web systems. The presentation is structured along three dimensions: what is being modeled, how it is modeled,(More)
In four experiments we studied the impact of retrieval-extinction training on the extinction and reinstatement of alcoholic beer seeking. Experiment 1 showed that preceding daily extinction sessions with a brief (10 min) extinction session (retrieval-extinction) attenuated the context-induced reinstatement of alcoholic beer seeking, thereby replicating and(More)
In this paper we present an integrated theoretical approach for student modelling based on an Adaptive Bayesian Network. A mathematical formalization of the Adaptive Bayesian Network is provided, and new question selection criteria presented. Using this theoretical framework, a tool to assist in the diagnosis process has been implemented. This tool allows(More)
The nucleus accumbens shell (AcbSh) is required to inhibit drug seeking after extinction training. Conversely, the lateral hypothalamus (LH), which receives projections from AcbSh, mediates reinstatement of previously extinguished drug seeking. We hypothesized that reversible inactivation of AcbSh using GABA agonists (baclofen/muscimol) would reinstate(More)
Extinction is the reduction in drug seeking when the contingency between drug seeking behavior and the delivery of drug reward is broken. Here, we investigated a role for the nucleus accumbens shell (AcbSh). Rats were trained to respond for 4% (v/v) alcoholic beer in one context (Context A) followed by extinction in a second context (Context B). Rats were(More)
Drug seeking behavior can be reduced or inhibited via extinction. The brain mechanisms for extinction of drug seeking are poorly understood but are of significant interest because of their potential to identify novel approaches that promote abstinence from drug taking. Here we review recent literature on the neural mechanisms for extinction in drug(More)