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Atom Transfer Radical Polymerisation (ATRP) has been used to polymerise ammonium 2-sulfatoethyl methacrylate (SEM) in aqueous media using various poly(ethylene glycol) (PEG) macro-initiators to give a range of controlled-structure, sulfate-based block copolymers. Such PEG–SEM diblock copolymers are effective crystal habit modifiers for the in situ(More)
In recent years, periapical surgery has evolved thanks to new diagnostic and technical advances. A review is made of the literature on periapical surgery of the antral teeth, based on a Medline search and on the revision of Spanish dental journals in the period between 1974 and 2003. The anatomy of the maxillary sinus is discussed, along with the diagnosis(More)
Autonomous mobile robots need robust, flexible and accurate navigation algorithms. One approach consists in fusing as many information sources as possible, integrating measures from internal sensors with data obtained from external sensing entities. This work presents a solution for combined indoor/outdoor robot navigation, and analyzes some preliminary(More)
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