Eva-Maria Borst

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During the lytic phase of infection, replication of herpesvirus genomes initiates at the lytic origin of replication, oriLyt. Many herpesviruses harbor more than one lytic origin, but so far, only one oriLyt has been identified for human cytomegalovirus (HCMV). Evidence for the existence of additional lytic origins of HCMV has remained elusive. On the basis(More)
We performed a cytogenetic study on 16 murine mature B-cell lymphomas and 10 T-cell lymphomas, using G-banding techniques. All tumors, with the exception of 3 spontaneous B-cell tumors, were induced by various slowly transforming murine leukemia viruses (MuLV). Metaphases were obtained from primary (10 B-cell tumors) and first or second transplant(More)
A viable human cytomegalovirus (HCMV) mutant was generated harbouring a glycoprotein B (gB) in which the carboxyl-terminal amino acids DRLRHR (aa 885–900) were changed to AALREE. Characterization of the phenotype of the recombinant virus revealed significant reduction of infectious progeny release and only moderate reduction of viral DNA replication(More)
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