Eva María Yáñez

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I t is a commonly accepted fact that calcium ions, apar t from regulating the permeability oi cell membranes to various ionic species, determine the level of membrane electrical potential at which nerve fibers fire impulses. Since these properties ascribed to Ca ++ seem to be of great importance, a great deal could be gained by having detailed information(More)
Image segmentation is a fundamental step in many image processing applications. To achieve high-quality segmentations active contours are commonly used. However, state of art strategies are not able to provide successful results in all the conditions. Additionally, the strategies that get the best overall results are computationally expensive and need to(More)
An advanced and user-friendly tool for fast labeling of moving objects captured with surveillance sensors is proposed, which is available to the public. This tool allows the creation of three kinds of labels: moving objects, shadows and occlusions. These labels are created at both the pixel level and object level, which makes them suitable to assess the(More)
Freshwater oligochaetes have at least two kinds of external sense organs: multiciliate organs of short cilia (also present in earthworms) and sense organs with one to three long cilia (unknown in earthworms and possibly acting as rheoreceptors). Ciliate sense organs of freshwater oligochaetes are distributed over their entire body surface, including the(More)
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