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EWS–FLI1 increases transcription to cause R-loops and block BRCA1 repair in Ewing sarcoma
Ewing sarcoma is an aggressive paediatric cancer of the bone and soft tissue. It results from a chromosomal translocation, predominantly t(11;22)(q24:q12), that fuses the N-terminal transactivationExpand
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Bimane Fluorescence Scanning Suggests Secondary Structure near the S3-S4 Linker of BK Channels*
Gating of large conductance Ca2+-activated K+ channels (BK or maxi-K channels) is controlled by a Ca2+-sensor, formed by the channel cytoplasmic C-terminal domain, and a voltage sensor, formed by itsExpand
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Sorafenib improves alkylating therapy by blocking induced inflammation, invasion and angiogenesis in breast cancer cells.
Molecular targeted compounds are emerging as a strategy to improve classical chemotherapy. Herein, we describe that using low dose of the multikinase inhibitor sorafenib improves cyclophosphamideExpand
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Alkylating Agent–Induced NRF2 Blocks Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress–Mediated Apoptosis via Control of Glutathione Pools and Protein Thiol Homeostasis
Alkylating agents are a commonly used cytotoxic class of anticancer drugs. Understanding the mechanisms whereby cells respond to these drugs is key to identify means to improve therapy while reducingExpand
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Combined Gene Expression and RNAi Screening to Identify Alkylation Damage Survival Pathways from Fly to Human
Alkylating agents are a key component of cancer chemotherapy. Several cellular mechanisms are known to be important for its survival, particularly DNA repair and xenobiotic detoxification, yetExpand
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Abstract A25: Systems biology approach to delineating DNA damage response and R-loop dependencies in Ewing sarcoma
Ewing sarcoma is a rare, yet highly aggressive family of bone and soft tissue tumors that afflicts children and young adults. It is the prototypical example of mesenchymal tumors driven by a fusionExpand
Author Correction: EWS–FLI1 increases transcription to cause R-loops and block BRCA1 repair in Ewing sarcoma
In this Letter, the sentence beginning “This work was funded….” in the Acknowledgements should have read “CPRIT (RP140105) to J.C.R.” rather than “CPRIT (RP150445) to J.C.R.” This error has beenExpand