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Steam pretreatment of dilute H2SO4-impregnated wheat straw and SSF with low yeast and enzyme loadings for bioethanol production.
Conversion of lignocellulosic material to monomeric sugars and finally ethanol must be performed at low cost, i.e, with limited consumption of chemicals, yeast and enzymes while still reaching highExpand
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Computational studies of ion-water flux coupling in the airway epithelium. II. Role of specific transport mechanisms.
Ion and water balance by the in vivo airway epithelium was investigated utilizing dynamic computer modeling. Parameters of the osmotically significant transport processes were varied to assess theExpand
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Optimization of the pretreatment of wheat straw for production of bioethanol
Bioethanol has some advantages over petrol as fuel. Bioethanol is made from biomass and it is renewable. As the biomass grows it consumes as much carbon dioxide as it forms during the combustion ofExpand
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