Eva-Lena Bergquist

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A technique for producing graded spinal cord compression injuries in rats is described. A metal plate 2.2 x 5.0 mm in size is applied to the exposed spinal dura and loaded with weights. Neurological function is tested postoperatively on an inclined plane. Reading of the maximal angle of rat performance on this plane was found reproducible on comparison(More)
The problems encountered with the interpretation of martensite and the various forms of bainite that are found in high strength steel weld metals have been addressed. Field emission gun scanning electron microscopy was found to overcome resolution difficulties often met with light optical microscopy and conventional scanning electron microscopy. The various(More)
The symptomatology in the thoracic outlet syndrome is well known. A patient is reported in whom the finding of a unilateral pulse deficit was the alerting sign that led to the correct diagnosis. Angiography, performed with injections during different respiratory phases, visualized the pathogenetic mechanism underlying some of the clinical findings.
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