Eva-Lena Bergquist

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One of the fastest growing areas of natural gas production is coal bed methane (CBM) due to the large monetary returns and increased demand for energy from consumers. The Powder River Basin, Wyoming is one of the most rapidly expanding areas of CBM development with projections of the establishment of up to 50,000 wells. CBM disturbances may make the native(More)
A technique for producing graded spinal cord compression injuries in rats is described. A metal plate 2.2 x 5.0 mm in size is applied to the exposed spinal dura and loaded with weights. Neurological function is tested postoperatively on an inclined plane. Reading of the maximal angle of rat performance on this plane was found reproducible on comparison(More)
An arteriovenous fistula from the vertebral artery in the neck is a serious complication of vertebral angiography with the percutaneous technique. A case is reported where such a fistula was found to have arterial communications from five different directions after development of the collateral circulation, which could be accurately surveyed. The(More)