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Detecting cooperative partners in situations that have financial stakes is crucial to successful social exchange. The authors tested whether humans are sensitive to subtle facial dynamics of counterparts when deciding whether to trust and cooperate. Participants played a 2-person trust game before which the facial dynamics of the other player were(More)
This paper presents the first dynamic 3D FACS data set for facial expression research, containing 10 subjects performing between 19 and 97 different AUs both individually and in combination. In total the corpus contains 519 AU sequences. The peak expression frame of each sequence has been manually FACS coded by certified FACS experts. This provides a ground(More)
In this paper we present the first Facial Action Coding System (FACS) valid model to be based on dynamic 3D scans of human faces for use in graphics and psychological research. The model consists of FACS Action Unit (AU) based parameters and has been independently validated by FACS experts. Using this model, we explore the perceptual differences between(More)
The goal of the present research was to study the relative role of facial and acoustic cues in the formation of trustworthiness impressions. Furthermore, we investigated the relationship between perceived trustworthiness and perceivers confidence in their judgments. 25 young adults watched a number of short clips in which the video and audio channel were(More)
This study examined adults' affective and facial reactions to tastes which differ in quality and valence, and the impact of sadness and joy on these reactions. Thirty-six male and female subjects participated voluntarily. Subjects each tasted 6 ml of a sweet chocolate drink, a bitter quinine solution (0.0015 M) and a bitter-sweet soft drink. Following a(More)
In this paper, we describe a cultural training system based on an interactive storytelling approach and a culturally-adaptive agent architecture, for which a user-defined gesture set was created. 251 full body gestures by 22 users were analyzed to find intuitive gestures for the in-game actions in our system. After the analysis we integrated the gestures in(More)
Facial animation is a difficult task that is based on an approximation of subtle facial movements [Trutoiu et al. 2014], and that needs to be well grounded in real life dynamic facial behaviour to be convincing. Yet while the endpoints of expressions in still images can be defined relatively precisely using the Facial Action Coding System FACS [Ekman et al.(More)
Most past work on trustworthiness perception has focused on the structural features of the human face. The present study investigates the interplay of dynamic information from two channels – the face and the voice. By systematically varying the level of trustworthiness in each channel, 49 participants were presented with either facial or vocal information,(More)