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The need to screen cerebroprotective compounds without anesthetic interference prompted the development of a model using hypoxic rats. In this model two outcome measures were used: (1) the time to reach isoelectric electroencephalogram (iEEG), caused by nitrogen gas inhalation in the test chamber, and (2) the time for behavioral recovery measuring the(More)
The post acute health care system has evolved its infrastructure to accommodate the growing complex medical patient population, a direct result of the expanded capability in supporting critically ill patients in the ICU setting. When patients fail to wean from mechanical ventilation in the ICU, there is often less emphasis on continuing these efforts, and(More)
UNLABELLED Plasmapheresis is an effective treatment modality in several immunological kidney diseases. It is also indicated in certain neurological and hematological abnormalities, and some other diseases. AIMS In this study the indications and outcomes of the plasma exchange treatments performed in the Plasmapheresis Unit of the authors during the last(More)