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Growth plate chondrocytes progress through a proliferative phase before acquiring a terminally-differentiated phenotype. In this study we used Percoll density gradients to separate chick growth plate chondrocytes into populations of different maturational phenotype. By applying agarose gel differential display to these populations we cloned a cDNA encoding(More)
PURPOSE OF REVIEW The purpose of the present review is to describe the current kidney preservation techniques for donors after cardiac death and to give insight in new developments that may reduce warm ischemia times and therefore improve graft function after transplantation. RECENT FINDINGS There is still a general reluctance to use donors after cardiac(More)
Kidney donation after cardiac death has been popularized over the last decade. The majority of these kidneys are from controlled donors. The number of organs for transplantation can be further increased by uncontrolled donors after cardiac death. The outcome of uncontrolled compared to controlled donor kidney transplantation is relatively unknown. We(More)
abstract. In this article we study interpolation properties for the minimal system of interpretability logic IL. We prove that arrow interpolation holds for IL and that turnstile interpolation and interpolation for the £-modality easily follow from this result. Furthermore , these properties are extended to the system ILP. Failure of arrow interpolation for(More)