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abstract. In this article we study interpolation properties for the minimal system of interpretability logic IL. We prove that arrow interpolation holds for IL and that turnstile interpolation and interpolation for the £-modality easily follow from this result. Furthermore , these properties are extended to the system ILP. Failure of arrow interpolation for(More)
In the present paper we will show that the Beth deenability property corresponds to surjectiveness of epimorphisms in abstract algebraic logic. Furthermore, we will give an equally general characterization of the weak Beth deenability property, hereby giving a solution to Problem 14 in Sa 88]. Finally, we will present two counterexamples showing that two of(More)
In December 2011, the European Science Foundation (ESF) brought together experts from a wide range of disciplines to discuss the issues that will influence the development of a healthier, more brain-aware European society. This perspective summarizes the main outcomes of that discussion and highlights important considerations to support improved mental(More)