Eva Henriksson

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The mammalian Y chromosome is essential for spermatogenesis, which is characterized by sperm cell differentiation and chromatin condensation for acquisition of correct shape of the sperm. Deletions of the male-specific region of the mouse Y chromosome long arm (MSYq), harboring multiple copies of a few genes, lead to sperm head defects and impaired(More)
Heat shock factor 1 (HSF1) is an important transcription factor in cellular stress responses, cancer, aging, and developmental processes including gametogenesis. Disruption of Hsf1, together with another HSF family member, Hsf2, causes male sterility and complete lack of mature sperm in mice, but the specific role of HSF1 in spermatogenesis has remained(More)
The presence of numerous haustoria, with accompanying death of the algal cells, was noted in a mixed cuture of the fungal symbiont (mycobiont) of Collema tenax (Sw.) Ach., em. Degel. and Trebouxia impressa Ahm., the algal partner (phycobiont) of Physcia stellaris (L.) Nyl. The parasitic action was noted even on media which would optimally sustain the(More)
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