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Objective. To construct a database for clinical epidemiological prostate cancer research based on linkages between the National Prostate Cancer Register (NPCR) of Sweden, a population-based, nationwide quality database, and other nationwide registries. Material and methods. By use of the individually unique Swedish Personal Identity Number, the NPCR was(More)
BACKGROUND Nutrition has been found to be associated with sociodemographic characteristics and concern about health. There is limited knowledge, however, of associations between blue-collar worker's diet, morbidity, and health care utilization. METHODS We conducted a survey on eating habits, physical symptoms, health care utilization, health status, and(More)
We conducted a survey on chances and barriers of occupational health promotion and health behaviour including diet in two South German metal companies. Only a small percentage of the 1641 participants consumed healthy food each day, but many avoided eating unhealthy food. Most employees are characterized by a combination of healthy and unhealthy elements.(More)
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