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BACKGROUND Monitoring of condylomas is an early evidence of population effectiveness of human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccination programs. If reporting could include HPV typing, the contribution by vaccine HPV types to condyloma burden could be monitored. METHODS A sentinel site for reporting of condyloma including HPV typing was established at the Centre(More)
The commercialization of Marconi's radio transmission and reception, along with the development of integrated circuits in the 1960's have facilitated many new consumer products for wireless communication, where the mobile phones or handsets are one. These handsets started out as a portable phone, mounted in cars, and have with time added additional services(More)
PURPOSE The aims of the present study were to investigate patients' satisfaction with nurse-led clinics, patients' perception of received information and associations between continuity of care and satisfaction with information. METHODS Questionnaires on patient satisfaction were sent to consecutive samples of patients after they attended a nurse-led(More)
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