Eva Gonzalez-Romera

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Medium-term electric energy demand forecasting is an essential tool for power system planning and operation, mainly in those countries whose power systems operate in a deregulated environment. This paper proposes a novel approach to monthly electric energy demand time series forecasting, in which it is split into two new series: the trend and the(More)
High penetration levels of distributed photovoltaic inverters on electrical distribution grids and due to the main points demanded in the latest issues of grid codes such as the reactive power injection during transient grid faults (voltage sags) and their disconnection in order to avoid the islanding phenomena, a suitable control algorithm combination is(More)
Proliferation of plug-in electric vehicles obviously involves an interesting potential of electric energy storage for purposes related to smart grids. Among other opportunities, the possibility of providing ancillary services to the distribution grids they are connected to is evaluated in this paper as an added advantage of this kind of vehicles. Issues(More)
Commonly used simulation models for photovoltaic arrays often require the knowledge of unavailable parameters and the calculation of equivalent resistances to be used. Those resistances are not provided by manufacturers and their calculation makes the application of the designed models difficult. This paper proposes a photovoltaic panel or array model based(More)
Electric vehicles (EV) can be used as distributed energy storage devices to provide to the smart grid different regulation services. However, to have enough impact in the grid, the trend is to jointly manage a set of EV by means of a new stakeholder called aggregator. Knowing the availability, mobility habits, and the state of charge (SOC) of each EV(More)
This paper presents a new simple method for integrating the contribution of active power filters (APFs) in a harmonic power flow algorithm for distribution networks. A control strategy for the APFs inspired in the perfect harmonic cancellation (PHC) is proposed and evaluated. This proposed strategy is compared to other one inspired in droop control.(More)
This paper presents a cooperating converter that interfaces a Low-Voltage Energy Storage System with the electrical grid. In this paper, Low-Voltage is consider a voltage that is much lower than the minimum DC voltage required for controlling properly the current of the grid connected inverter. Energy Storage Systems operating at Low-Voltage usually require(More)
Maria-Isabel Milanes-Montero 1,*, Fermin Barrero-Gonzalez 1, Jaime Pando-Acedo 1, Eva Gonzalez-Romera 1, Enrique Romero-Cadaval 1 and Antonio Moreno-Munoz 2 1 Department of Electrical, Electronic and Automation Engineering, University of Extremadura, Badajoz 06006, Spain; fbarrero@unex.es (F.B.-G.); jpandoac@peandes.es (J.P.-A.); evagzlez@unex.es (E.G.-R.);(More)
A single-phase power injection system for photovoltaic generation plants based in two collaborative inverters is presented in this paper. The first converter works as a quasi-square waveform inverter with the main objective of injecting the energy produced by the photovoltaic generation system. The second converter acts as an active power filter with the(More)
This contribution presents a smart power electronics injection system for grid-connected photovoltaic energy resources. The developed converter can not only inject the maximum active power as a typical inverter does, but also provide the active functions the Smart Grid scenario needs, including reactive power reference tracking for compensating purposes,(More)
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