Eva Gescheidtova

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The problem most frequently encountered in the practical processing of medical images consists in the lack of instruments enabling machine evaluation of the images. A typical example of this situation is perfusion analysis of brain tumor types. The first and very significant step lies in the segmentation of individual parts of the brain tumor; after(More)
The subject of the paper is a method proposed for automated evaluation of the parameters of orthopantomograms of cystic disorders in human jawbones. The main problem in medical diagnostic is the low repeatability due to the subjective evaluation of images/pictures without using a tool for image processing. An available database of images of cysts is(More)
The paper describes the pre-processing and subsequent segmentation of NMR images of the human head in the region of temporomandibular joint in several slices. Image obtained by means of the tomograph used are of very low resolution and contrast, and their processing may prove to be difficult. A suitable algorithm was found, which consists in pre-processing(More)
The authors present a statistical evaluation of T<sub>1</sub>-weighted and T<sub>2</sub>-weighted images of healthy and diseased human tissues. In each patient, the statistical data were evaluated from several tissues, namely the bone, bone marrow, muscle, fat, white matter and gray matter tissue types. Based on the acquired statistical data, we compiled(More)
The authors analyze the design of a method for automatized evaluation of parameters in orthopantomo-graphic images capturing pathological tissues developed in human jaw bones. The main problem affecting the applied medical diagnostic procedures consists in low repeatability of the performed evaluation. This condition is caused by two aspects, namely(More)
— Image processing in biomedical applications is strongly developing issue. There were described many methods and approaches for image preprocessing, segmentation and vi-sualization. It is necessary to choose suitable segmentation method to create a correct three-dimensional model. The accuracy of reconstruction depends on precision of regions boundary(More)