Eva García-Alegría

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Hereditary hemorrhagic telangiectasia (HHT) is an autosomal dominant and age-dependent vascular disorder originated by mutations in Endoglin (ENG) or activin receptor-like kinase-1 (ALK1, ACVRL1) genes. The first large series HHT analysis in Spanish population has identified mutations in 17 unrelated families. Ten different mutations in ALK1 and six in ENG(More)
This report describes a study focused on the relationship between CGG repeat length, FMRP, mRNA levels and cognitive functioning in premutation carriers (PM) carriers of Fragile X Syndrome (FXS). We studied 60 females-43 with PM and 17 with normal (N) alleles-from 25 FXS Spanish families. The Wechsler scales were administered to all subjects and new blood(More)
Pluripotent stem cells represent a promising source of differentiated tissue-specific stem and multipotent progenitor cells for regenerative medicine and drug testing. The realisation of this potential relies on the establishment of robust and reproducible protocols of differentiation. Several reports have highlighted the importance of biomaterials in(More)
MXD1 is a protein that interacts with MAX, to form a repressive transcription factor. MXD1-MAX binds E-boxes. MXD1-MAX antagonizes the transcriptional activity of the MYC oncoprotein in most models. It has been reported that MYC overexpression leads to augmented RNA synthesis and ribosome biogenesis, which is a relevant activity in MYC-mediated(More)
The first hematopoietic cells are generated very early in ontogeny to support the growth of the embryo and to provide the foundation to the adult hematopoietic system. There is a considerable therapeutic interest in understanding how these first blood cells are generated in order to try to reproduce this process in vitro. This would allow generating blood(More)
The original version of this Article contained a typographical error in the spelling of the author Maria Iliut which was incorrectly given as Maria Iluit. This has now been corrected in the PDF and HTML versions of the Article. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. The images or other third party material in(More)
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