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Apoptotic cell death is an integral part of cell turnover in many tissues, and proper corpse clearance is vital to maintaining tissue homeostasis in all multicellular organisms. Even in tissues with high cellular turnover, apoptotic cells are rarely seen because of efficient clearance mechanisms in healthy individuals. In Caenorhabditis elegans, two(More)
Dicer-2 is a ribonuclease involved in the insect RNAi pathway. On attempting to knockdown Dicer-2 expression in the insect Blattella germanica by RNAi, we found that treatment with Dicer-2 dsRNA upregulated the targeted mRNA. This unexpected result was also observed after treating with a nucleopolyhedrovirus dsRNA. Experiments with this alien dsRNA showed(More)
Nowadays, in the Internet databases era, certain knowledge is being progressively lost. This knowledge, which we feel is essential and should be acquired through education, is the understanding of how the pioneer researchers faced major questions in their field and made their discoveries.
LTR retrotransposons are major components of plant genomes playing important roles in the evolution of their host genomes, for example, generating new genes or providing new promoters to existing genes. The Grande family of retrotransposons is present in Zea species and is characterized by an unusually long internal region due to the presence of a 7-kbp(More)
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