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Programmable logic controllers (PLCs) are applied in a wide field of application and, especially, for safety-critical controls. Thus, there is the demand for high reliability of PLCs. Moreover, the increasing complexity of the PLC programs and the short time-to-market are hard to cope with. Formal verification techniques such as model checking allow for(More)
The correct design of complex material handling systems (MHS) is a challenging task, mainly because of short development cycles and ever increasing system sizes. For baggage handling systems (BHS) at airports, the correct design of routing strategies is of special importance, as these strategies are non-trivial but safety-critical. This paper presents a(More)
The design of properly working material handling systems (MHS) is a difficult process as these systems consist of a vast number of single elements with dedicated controls. While currently these systems are usually validated using simulation, formal methods provide a means to analyze the complete behavior of a system. However, these methods can often only be(More)
The correct designing of today's logistic systems has become an increasingly cumbersome process, especially due to their growing sizes and heterogeneities. While simulation methods provide a means to validate the functional behavior of logistic systems, formal methods allow for proving that the system completely fulfills its specification. This paper(More)