Eva Fernandez

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The genetic impact associated to the Neolithic spread in Europe has been widely debated over the last 20 years. Within this context, ancient DNA studies have provided a more reliable picture by directly analyzing the protagonist populations at different regions in Europe. However, the lack of available data from the original Near Eastern farmers has limited(More)
BACKGROUND Pathologic lymph node staging is becoming a deficient method in the demanding molecular era. Nevertheless, the use of more sensitive molecular analysis for nodal staging is hampered by its high costs and extensive time requirements. Our aim is to take a step forward in colon cancer (CC) lymph node (LN) pathology diagnosis by proposing a feasible(More)
In this paper, we introduce OVERTURE—a web application allowing to explore the interlinked catalogs of major music libraries including the French National Library, Radio France and the Philhar-monie de Paris. We have first developed the DOREMUS ontology which is an extension of the well-known FRBRoo model for describing works and expressions as well as the(More)
Transmission electron microscopy is a proven technique in the field of cell biology and a very useful tool in biomedical research. Innovation and improvements in equipment together with the introduction of new technology have allowed us to improve our knowledge of biological tissues, to visualize structures better and both to identify and to locate(More)
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