Eva Fellmann

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Angioimmunoblastic T-cell lymphomas (AITLs) frequently carry mutations in the TET2 and IDH2 genes. TET2 mutations represent early genetic lesions as they had already been detected in haematopoietic precursor cells of AITL patients. We show by analysis of whole-tissue sections and microdissected PD1+ cells that the frequency of TET2-mutated AITL is(More)
Enterotomies require a high-standard suture technique, especially when the approach is difficult. The physiological and functional state of the intestines is also important. We used an end-to-end technique without stenosis, suturing the mucosa and the seromuscular coat, with an extra layer of seromuscular sutures coat sutures as additional protection. We(More)
Invagination of the end of the esophagus in the end segment of the mucosaless small gut represents the development of an end-to-end technique, without stenosis, for the inner surface of the anastomosis. The small gut sleeve without mucosa overlaps the end part of the esophagus. In this way, the lack of serosa of the esophagus is compensated completely. The(More)
We discuss our therapeutical proceeding in the management of 46 cases of gunshot and knife wounds of the thorax. We recommend conservative treatment as long as possible; immediate surgical intervention is indicated if additional trauma of the abdomen is visible or likely. The lethality is 4.35 %; in peacetime therefore prognosis seems good if the patients(More)
The risk of operative treatment of radiation-induced bowel injuries is exceedingly high as shown on 23 obstructions involving the distal sigma. In our series there was mortality of 26 % and an anastomotic dehiscence rate of 22 % compared with the mortality of 2.9 % and 4.9 % dehiscence rate in cases with diverticulitis obstruction. These results are in the(More)
In Switzerland, the first cases of silicosis were recorded by Zangger in 1900. Since 1930, patients with silicosis have been provided with certain services by the "Caisse Nationale Suisse d'Assurances" (i.e. Swiss National Insurance Fund), an organization enforcing the Occupational Accidents and Diseases Bill. However, it took another two years before an(More)
The main features of occupational industrial respiratory diseases in Switzerland can be summarized as follows: -Silicosis: 9750 cases from 1930 to 1979. At present low annual incidence (less than 100 cases), age at first diagnosis over 40 years, at death almost 70 years. - Asbestosis: 130 cases from 1939 to 1979. 30 cases of mesothelioma (21 without(More)