Eva Feder Kittay

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A s part of a larger project, a multidisciplinary group convened by The Hastings Center, Garrison, NY, met to consider medical, psychosocial, and ethical issues associated with the care of children born with atypical genitalia or later found to have other conditions now commonly grouped together as “intersex.” These children may have congenital adrenal(More)
Sesha would never live a normal life. . . . The worst fear was that her handicap involved her intellectual faculties. . . . Yet . . . it never even occurred to me to . . . think of her in any other terms than my own beloved child. She was my daughter. I was her mother. That was fundamental. . . . We didn’t yet realize how much she would teach us, but we(More)
Many bioethicists try to secure a moral requirement to select against disability, while wishing to avoid denigrating disabled people. Dan Brock's arguments are representative of this attempt. Brock argues that the harm of giving birth to a disabled child when an able child could be had in its stead is a "nonperson-affecting harm." The harm is creating a(More)
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