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Mesoscale experiment and simulation permit harvesting information about both geometric features and texture in polycrystals. The grain boundary character distribution (GBCD) is an empirical distribution of the relative length (in 2D) or area (in 3D) of interface with a given lattice misorien-tation and normal. During the growth process, an initially random(More)
Cellular networks are ubiquitous in nature. They exhibit behavior on many different length and time scales and are generally metastable. Most technologically useful materials are polycrystalline microstructures composed of a myriad of small monocrystalline grains separated by grain boundaries. The energetics and connectivity of the grain boundary network(More)
We revisit grain growth and the puzzle of its stagnation in thin metallic films. We bring together a large body of experimental data that includes the size of more than 30,000 grains obtained from 23 thin film samples of Al and Cu with thicknesses in the range of 25 to 158 nm. In addition to grain size, a broad range of other metrics such as the number of(More)
In this paper we describe a pipeline for publishing interactive multimedia content. The Portable Document Format (PDF) offers the possibility to include 3D visualizations, textual representation and interactivity (via scripting technology) in one multimedia container, which will be the upcoming standard for multimedia long-term archiving. Our system(More)
The building industry and facility management is in a state of upheaval: The complexity of the real world is now represented in its digital counterpart. The established object-based file format “Industrial Foundation Classes (IFC)” developed by the International Alliance for Interoperability facilitates interoperability in the context of Building(More)
Delivering high quality 3D content through a web browser is still a challenge especially when intellectual property (IP) protection is necessary. Thus, the transfer of 3D modeling information to a client should be avoided. In our work we present a solution to this problem by introducing a server-side rendering framework. Only images are transferred to the(More)
The Scatter Plot Matrix (SPLOM) is a well-known technique for visual analysis of high-dimensional data. However, one problem of large SPLOMs is that typically not all views are potentially relevant to a given analysis task or user. The matrix itself may contain structured patterns across the dimensions, which could interfere with the investigation for(More)
Dedicated to the memory of Enrico Magenes. Abstract. Cellular networks are ubiquitous in nature. Most engineered materials are polycrystalline microstructures composed of a myriad of small grains separated by grain boundaries, thus comprising cellular networks. The grain boundary character distribution (GBCD) is an empirical distribution of the relative(More)
Cultural heritage institutions such as galleries, museums and libraries increasingly use digital media to present artifacts to their audience and enable them to immerse themselves in a cultural virtual world. With the application eXhibi-tion:editor3D museum curators and editors have a software tool at hand to interactively plan and visualize exhibitions. In(More)
—Programme chairs of scientific conferences face a tremendous time pressure. One of the most time-consuming steps during the conference workflow is assigning members of the international programme committee (IPC) to the received submissions. Finding the best-suited persons for reviewing strongly depends on how the paper matches the expertise of each IPC(More)