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Progesterone-receptor (PR) stimulation promotes survival in rat and human periovulatory granulosa cells. To investigate the mechanisms involved, periovulatory rat granulosa cells were incubated in vitro with or without the PR-antagonist Org 31710. Org 31710 caused the expected increase in apoptosis, and expression profiling using cDNA microarray analysis(More)
Histone proteins are subject to a range of post-transcriptional modifications in living cells. The combinatorial nature of these modifications constitutes the "histone code" that dictates chromatin structure and function during development, growth, differentiation, and homeostasis of cells. Deciphering of the histone code is hampered by the lack of(More)
Three related studies were completed to test the predictive relation among identity status, personality, and conformity behavior. The investigations were undertaken to replicate the earlier research findings of Toder and Marcia (1973). As predicted in Study 1, personality differences were found for both sexes. However, no relation was observed between(More)
Two theoretical perspectives have been advanced to account for heightened egocentrism during early adolescence. One perspective assumes that formal operational thought is associated with increased self-consciousness. The second perspective proposes that parental support and affection diminish egocentrism, while parental rejection enhances self-conscious(More)
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