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Qualitative research has made a significant contribution to the body of knowledge related to how people experience living with various chronic diseases and disabilities; however, the voices of certain vulnerable populations, particularly those with impairments that affect their ability to communicate, are commonly absent. In recent years, a few researchers(More)
A sample of 22 subjects was studied from a population of adults who had suffered from bacterial meningitis in childhood. Audiovestibular, oculomotor and neuropsychological investigations were performed and quality of life was assessed. An age-matched control group of 20 subjects was recruited. In the meningitis group, nine subjects had abnormal pure tone(More)
Knowledge on Staphylococcus aureus colonization rates and epidemiology in hand eczema is limited. The aim of this study was to clarify some of these issues. Samples were collected by the “glove juice” method from the hands of 59 patients with chronic hand eczema and 24 healthy individuals. Swab samples were taken from anterior nares and throat from 43 of(More)
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