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Treatment of deoxynivalenol [3] in MeOH with hypochlorite bleach containing added NaOH gave rise to a single major product, the 9 alpha, 10 alpha, 12 beta, 13 beta-diepoxy-8,15-hemiketal 4. Thus, the reaction followed a very different course from that observed for verrucarol [2], where rearrangement involving opening of the starting 12,13-epoxide and a(More)
T-2 toxin is a potent cytotoxic metabolite produced by the Fusarium species. The fate and distribution of 3H-labeled T-2 toxin were examined in male guinea pigs. Radioactivity was detected in all body tissues within 30 min after an im injection of an LD50 dose (1.04 mg/kg) of T-2 toxin. The plasma concentration of trichothecene molar equivalents versus time(More)
With the appearance of low-cost, highly parallel hardware architectures, software portability between such architectures is in great demand. Software design lacks programming models to keep up with the continually increasing parallelism of today's hardware. This setting calls for alternative thinking in programming. When a computation has a static(More)
DDA Projections: Define placements of computations on processors in a network or a multi-core, or on a FPGA. DDAs can also serve as a graphical aid when mapping computations to highly parallel chips. Example: Butterfly DDA Appears in many divide & conquer algorithms, FFT, etc. The figures below show various placement patterns for a 32 node butterfly in(More)
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