Eva Buranova

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A['ter a. bri(;f chara(:teriz:~tion of the th(;ory of the tot)i('-fo('us a rticulatioi~ (if the s('.nt('al(:(,. ('I'FA), rules 3A'c formulated that (letermin(; I:he a,~signmenI; of al)t)rol)riate values (If |;hi'. "J']'\~\ a ttril)uÁ;(~ ill I;he l)ro(:(',qs of synl;a(:i;i(:o-s('manti(: tagging of i~ very large ('orlms lit' Cz(;(:h. 1 I n t r o d u c t i o n(More)
In Czech linguistics, TFA has been systematically explored thanks to the classical Prague School of functional and structural linguistics. As reflecting the ‘given – new’ strategy in discourse, TFA has been considered to belong to the main objects of linguistic study. Continuing the results gained by V. Mathesius, J. Firbas and others since the 1920s, the(More)
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