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Overexploitation and subsequent collapses of major worldwide fisheries has made it clear that marine stocks are no inexhaustible. Unfortunately, the perception remains that marine fished are resilient to large population reductions, as even a commercially 'collapsed' stock will still consist of millions of individuals. Coupled with this notion is the idea(More)
A central challenge in microbial community ecology is the delineation of appropriate units of biodiversity, which can be taxonomic, phylogenetic, or functional in nature. The term 'community' is applied ambiguously; in some cases, the term refers simply to a set of observed entities, while in other cases, it requires that these entities interact with one(More)
BACKGROUND Microbiome samples often represent mixtures of communities, where each community is composed of overlapping assemblages of species. Such mixtures are complex, the number of species is huge and abundance information for many species is often sparse. Classical methods have a limited value for identifying complex features within such data. RESULTS(More)
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