Eva Bakay Pragay

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Unit activity related to a go/no-go visual discrimination task was studied in four rhesus monkeys. We recorded 272 task-related cells from frontal cortex in a region extending from the midprincipal sulcus to the central sulcus, and medially to the cingulate sulcus. Units located in anterior regions (dorsolateral prefrontal and anterior cingulate cortex)(More)
Monkeys were trained in the performance of a matching from sample task and in two simultaneous visual discrimination tasks differing in level of difficulty. In the case of the matching task, four doses each of chlorpromazine and of secobarbital were administered to the animals according to a balanced design. The procedure was then replicated. The results of(More)
The effects of secobarbital and chlorpromazine were studied in monkeys trained on a continuous, rapidly presented successive discrimination task. The subjects were implanted with epidural electrodes to monitor EEG during drug-induced impairment of performance. The analysis was focussed on the phase of drug effect during which both drugs induced intermittent(More)