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and the editor and reviewing team for their insightful comments. Abstract A Joint Model of Usage and Churn in Contractual Settings As firms become more customer centric, concepts such as customer equity come to the fore. Any serious attempt to quantify customer equity requires modeling techniques that can provide accurate multi-period forecasts of customer(More)
Web Appendix In this appendix, we present a detailed description of the analyses performed to obtain certain results discussed in the main manuscript. DESCRIPTIVE ANALYSES Analysis of tariff choice We analyze whether customers' bills would have been lower on another than their chosen tariff at the time that three-part tariffs were introduced. Based on the(More)
In many service industries, firms introduce three-part tariffs to replace or complement existing two-part tariffs. While both two-and three-part tariffs have been studied in the extant literature, to our best knowledge there have been no empirical studies of customer choice and usage when both types of tariffs are on offer. A pertinent question in that(More)
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