Eva A Cassedy

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OBJECTIVES The concept of emotion regulation features in many models of psychopathology and it has been proposed that individuals with poorly regulated emotions often engage in maladaptive behaviours to escape from or down-regulate their emotions, creating risk for a range of disorders. One such disorder may be pathological gambling. To our knowledge, no(More)
BACKGROUND Rapid sequence induction and intubation (RSII) is a technique commonly used to resist regurgitation of gastric contents and protect the airway. A modification of this technique is implemented in certain clinical circumstances. However, there is currently no standard definition for a modified RSII. Therefore, we surveyed clinicians at academic(More)
To the Editor: Rapid-sequence induction and intubation is used to minimize regurgitation with aspiration during anesthesia induction. Many clinicians modify aspects of this technique, though there is no established textbook definition for modified rapid-sequence induction and intubation. We recently surveyed resident and attending anesthesiologists at(More)
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