Eustace Stevers Golladay

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Batteries represent less than 2% of foreign bodies ingested by children, but in the last 2 decades, the frequency has continuously increased. Most ingestions have an uneventful course, but those that lodge in the esophagus can lead to serious complications and even death. Medline was used to search the English medical literature, combining “button battery”(More)
This prospective, randomized, double-blind study compares the efficacy, safety and cost-effectiveness of ampicillin, gentamicin and clindamycin (AGC) or cefotaxime and clindamycin (CC) for the treatment of children with complicated appendicitis. Ninety-seven children were randomized. Forty-seven were assigned to the AGC regimen and 50 received CC. Forty-two(More)
Thymic cysts are considered uncommon lesions in the differential diagnosis of pediatric neck masses. They have been described as asymptomatic and of little clinical consequence. Recent reports have stressed the possibility of respiratory compromise associated with these lesions. We reviewed our experience with cervical thymic cysts with emphasis on(More)
Recently we saw 9 infants with life-threatening respiratory distress. Four patients had bronchogenic cyst, 2 had cystic adenomatoid malformation, and 9 had congenital lobar emphysema. Another group of 14 older children had recurrent infection and hemodynamic abnormalities, which responded to operative intervention. Each child required an appropriate(More)
Delay in appendectomy occurs from failure to contact a physician, or from a physician's failure to make a proper diagnosis. In our study delay was due to physician error in 32 of 422 children who had appendectomy. Symptoms consistent with appendicitis were documented on the initial visit in each case, but 22 patients had a history of previous similar pain(More)
Patients with esophageal stricture caused by caustic ingestion, reflux esophagitis, or esophageal anastomosis often require repeated dilation. These patients frequently have a short febrile course after dilation. After development of brain abscess following esophageal dilation in 1 patient, positive blood cultures were obtained in 4 patients immediately(More)
Although it is common in the adult population, sigmoid volvulus is unusual in childhood. We report the cases of four children treated for sigmoid volvulus, and we review an additional 44 cases. The mean age of occurrence was 8 years. Predisposing factors were present in 33%. Abdominal pain (66%), vomiting (31%), and obstipation (10%) were the most common(More)
Pectus excavatum occurs in two thirds of children with Marfan's syndrome. The characteristics of seven children with Marfan's syndrome and pectus excavatum were compared with those of 38 children who had pectus excavatum without Marfan's syndrome. The children with Marfan's syndrome presented later, had progressive defects, and were more likely to have(More)