Eurwin Suryana

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Adipose tissue (AT) distribution is a major determinant of mortality and morbidity in obesity. In mice, intra-abdominal transplantation of subcutaneous AT (SAT) protects against glucose intolerance and insulin resistance (IR), but the underlying mechanisms are not well understood. We investigated changes in adipokines, tissue-specific glucose uptake, gene(More)
SIRT1 is a NAD+-dependent deacetylase thought to regulate cellular metabolic pathways in response to alterations in nutrient flux. In the current study we investigated whether acute changes in SIRT1 expression affect markers of muscle mitochondrial content and also determined whether SIRT1 influenced muscle insulin resistance induced by acute glucose(More)
Ubiquitin is a crucial post-translational modification regulating numerous cellular processes, but its role in metabolic disease is not well characterized. In this study, we identified the in vivo ubiquitin-modified proteome in rat liver and determined changes in this ubiquitome under acute insulin stimulation and high-fat and sucrose diet-induced insulin(More)
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