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Even though many useful tools for sequence alignment are available, such as BLAST and PSI-BLAST by NCBI and FASTA by the University of Virginia, a key issue regarding sequence databases is their size, growing at an exponential rate. Grid and parallel computing are crucial techniques to maintain and improve the effectiveness of sequence comparison tools,(More)
Computational grids are heterogeneous, dynamic and distributed environments that enable large-scale sharing of resources within groups of individuals and/or institutions [9]. A grid environment collects a lot of information and information itself is a critical resource in computational grids, so it is necessary to well administrate it. A fundamental element(More)
BACKGROUND In health applications, and elsewhere, 3D data sets are increasingly accessed through the Internet. To reduce the transfer time while maintaining an unaltered 3D model, adequate compression and decompression techniques are needed. Recently, Grid technologies have been integrated with Web Services technologies to provide a framework for(More)
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