Euriell Le Corronc

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We present a novel approach to the computation of symbolic abstractions of incrementally stable switched systems. The main novelty consists in using mode sequences of given length as symbolic states for our abstractions. We show that the resulting symbolic models are approximately bisimilar to the original switched system and that an arbitrary precision can(More)
Chronicle recognition is an efficient and robust method for fault diagnosis. The knowledge about the underlying system is gathered in a set of chronicles, then the occurrence of a fault is diagnosed by analyzing the flow of observations and matching this flow with a set of available chronicles. The chronicle approach is very efficient as it relies on the(More)
This paper deals with the control of uncertain (max,+)-linear systems, more precisely those of which parameters are not exactly known but assumed to belong to an interval. In this context, we aim at synthesizing a controller in order to reduce the uncertainty at the output of the controlled system. This study is possible thanks to the residuation theory and(More)
This paper presents an approach of model-based diagnosis for the health monitoring of hybrid systems. These systems have both continuous and discrete dynamics. Modified Particle Petri Nets, initially defined in the context of hybrid systems mission monitoring, are extended to estimate the health state of hybrid systems. This formalism takes into account(More)
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