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The heterogeneity of the liver parenchyma in relation to the metabolic response to adenosine was investigated using the bivascularly perfused rat liver in the anterograde and retrograde modes. Adenosine was infused into livers from fed rats according to four experimental protocols: (A) anterograde perfusion, adenosine via the portal vein; (B) anterograde(More)
Epithelia in lung, skin, and kidney are often exposed to fluoride, and tissue damage in lung and kidney due to fluoride is well documented. Nevertheless, the biological effects of fluoride on epithelia are poorly investigated. In the present study, we report effects of sodium fluoride (NaF) on the differentiation of a human epithelial cell line, HaCaT.(More)
The selective bacteriostatic effect of triphenylmethane dyes has long been known. It has been found by several authors (Churchman, 1928, and others) that these dyes used in gram staining also inhibit the growth of the grampositive microorganisms. The relations between bacteriostatic power and chemical structure of these dyes were studied by Browning and(More)
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