Eurico R. Lopes

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Business processes modeling became a fundamental task for organizations. To model business processes is necessary to know all the activities as well as consumed and produced informational resources. From this knowledge, abstractions are constructed, which allow elaborating a high-level business process model. This modeling process, which goes from the(More)
Confocal fluorescence microscopy combined with differential interference contrast imaging of tissues from chagasic patients enabled the unequivocal identification of the parasite Trypanosoma cruzi. Using different monoclonal antibodies that indicate the parasite form and replication stage in conjunction with DNA labelling, specimens derived from distinct(More)
Based on their own experience and on the literature, the authors compare the brain pathology due to HIV+ associated Trypanosoma cruzi reactivated infection to that described for the natural history of the Chagas' disease (CD). The peculiar focal necrotizing chagasic meningoencephalitis (MECNF) which appears only in immunedeficient chagasics, especially when(More)
Using TEXT Style, introduce here your paper phrase generated with the grammar provided on the " Conference Topics " Web page. If you did not use the grammar, introduce 6 to 8 keywords extracted from the list of keywords provided (see " Conference Topics "), using single words or their combination. ABSTRACT It is largely recognized that Business Process(More)
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