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—Extensive efforts have been focused on deploying broadband wireless networks. Providing mobile users with high speed network connectivity will let them run various multimedia applications on their wireless devices. Satisfying users with different quality-of-service requirements while optimizing resource allocation is a challenging problem. In this paper,(More)
— Recognizing and localizing queried objects in range images plays an important role for robotic manipulation and navigation. Even though it has been steadily studied, it is still a challenging task for scenes with occlusion and clutter. We present a novel approach to object recognition that boosts dissimilarity between queried objects and similar-shaped(More)
A sequence of images in multiple views rather than a single image from a single view is of great advantage for robust visual recognition and pose estimation of 3D objects in noisy and visually not-so-friendly environments (due to texture, occlusion, illumination, and camera pose). In this paper, we present a particle filter based probabilistic method for(More)
– This paper presents a novel approach to real-time 3D modeling of workspace for manipulative robotic tasks. First, we establish the three fundamental principles that human uses for modeling and interacting with environment. These principles have led to the development of an integrated approach to real-time 3D modeling, as follows: 1) It starts with a rapid(More)
BACKGROUND The extended Consolidated Standards of Reporting Trials (CONSORT) Statement for Abstracts was developed to improve the quality of reports of randomized controlled trials (RCTs) because readers often base their assessment of a trial solely on the abstract. To date, few data exist regarding whether it has achieved this goal. We evaluated the extent(More)
We present a framework to segment cultural and natural features, given 3D aerial scans of a large urban area, and (optionally) registered ground level scans of the same area. This system provides a primary step to achieve the ultimate goal of detecting every object from a large number of varied categories, from antenna to power plants. Our framework first(More)