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Scaling the performance of short TCP connections on multicore systems is fundamentally challenging. Although many proposals have attempted to address various shortcomings , inefficiency of the kernel implementation still persists. For example, even state-of-the-art designs spend 70% to 80% of CPU cycles in handling TCP connections in the kernel, leaving(More)
Recent popularity of smartphones drives rapid growth in the demand for cellular network bandwidth. Unfortunately, due to the <i>centralized</i> architecture of cellular networks, increasing the physical backhaul bandwidth is challenging. While content caching in the cellular network could be beneficial, relatively few characteristics of the cellular traffic(More)
—Packet retransmission is a fundamental TCP mechanism that ensures reliable data transfer between two end nodes. Interestingly, when it comes to cellular data accounting, TCP retransmissions create an important policy issue giving rise to a tension between ISPs accounting for network resource consumption, and users only being aware of the application layer(More)
CAREER OBJECTIVE_ ▸To build on my extensive experience in research on the security mechanisms associated with cloud computing system, which would allow me to take advantage of my recent research experience in cloud and mobile computing system SUMMARY OF QUALIFICATIONS ▸Deep understanding of system-level performance improvement techniques toward secure cloud(More)
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